ESPN Basketball Fantasy Vs Yahoo Basketball Fantasy – Which is Better for You?

Yahoo and ESPN are the two biggest online platforms where basketball fantasy football leagues can be hosted. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ESPN and Yahoo so that you can choose the most practical platform.

We’ll talk about some of the highlights of the desktop, mobile, app, commissary, lineup assistance, default scoring settings, and archived league history. Although each of these platforms receives annual updates, there are some important differences between them. There is no coverage for Dynasty League/Keeper.

Review of ESPN Fantasy Football (Sign Up Now) – Basketball:

The ESPN Fantasy Football app is an excellent program for hosting leagues in general. ESPN has been my go-to for many leagues. These include the regular-season Redraft League, the Dynasty League, which has 21 keepers, the Auction Keeper League, which keeps players at the price they paid, and so on. The app and mobile experience are very easy to use, and adding and removing players is simple. Additionally, the desktop program is very user friendly and provides many options for recommending deals, accepting, or rejecting deals, and customizing scoring settings.

Advantages of ESPN Fantasy Football:

  • Leagues and managers can be set up quickly and easily.
  • ESPN will notify you if a player is ejected.
  • Weekly score predictions for each player are fairly accurate.
  • If a player is considered suspicious, ESPN will notify you.
  • ESPN lets you know when a bench player is likely to take over for the starter.
  • The ability to see the results of the previous draft (important in auction leagues).
  • The app is simpler to use than Yahoo.
  • PPR is standard punctuation.
  • Allow committees to specify rosters (for live draft parties)

Disadvantages of ESPN Fantasy Football – Basketball:

  • If you participate in multiple leagues on ESPN, alerts can be extremely obnoxious.
  • There is no paid DFS option

Review of Yahoo Fantasy Football (Sign Up Now) – Basketball:

My favorite feature of Yahoo is access to historical books. Check out records like these at the League Archives: The team with the most points in a week, the team with the most points per running back all season, the biggest blowout, the closest games, and the most winning margins, among other things. The best part is that you can compare records throughout a league or season to ensure that there is plenty of discussions.

Advantages of Yahoo Fantasy Football:

  • The ability to evaluate potential deals and see how they affect the season.
  • The ease with which leagues can be set up and managers can be invited.
  • The more comprehensive record books and history of leagues.
  • Weekly score predictions that are somewhat accurate.
  • Paid DFS leagues built into the app
  • The best-paid baseball leagues built into the app
  • Unique weekly player summaries and articles (ideal for trash talk)
  • Weekly updated win/loss predictions
  • More options than ESPN
  • Committees can specify rosters for live draft parties

Disadvantages of Yahoo Fantasy Football – Basketball:

  • There are no player injury warnings
  • PPR is not a standard score
  • Players on the bench can be removed at any time (even after playing for the day)


The Yahoo and ESPN platforms will suffice. After completing an offline draft party, stewards can upload their rosters to either platform. We suggest that you use the same platform for your soccer league if you use Yahoo or ESPN for other fantasy sports like fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, or fantasy hockey. We recommend Yahoo if you are just getting started because of its superior historical data, distinctive weekly digest notes, and the capacity to integrate paid DFS leagues into the app, which are a lot of fun to check out. We recommend following this Reddit thread for the most recent feedback on the Yahoo and ESPN fantasy review because both platforms are updated annually.

You must choose a name for your fantasy football team now that you know which platform you will use. Get the best live draft experience with the 2022 Fantasy Football Draft Board.

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