UK Pride organisations have called on bars and venues to not screen World Cup matches in a boycott of the tournament.

A Qatar World Cup ambassador was recently criticised after saying homosexuality was "damage in the mind".

A report by Human Rights Watch said members of the country's LGBTQ+ community were detained and physically abused by security services.

Manchester Pride said a boycott would send a message to Fifa that "the lives of marginalised people are paramount".

"The message Fifa is sending to the world appears to be that they don't think LGBTQ+ people are, or should be, involved in sport

whether that's as an athlete or a fan. Furthermore, it seems that they don't think protecting LGBTQ+ people is something they need to be involved with.

Qatar's World Cup organisers say that "everyone is welcome" to visit the country to watch the football, and that no-one will be discriminated against.

England's Harry Kane and eight other captains of European teams will be wearing 'One Love' armbands to promote diversity and inclusion.

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