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Easy to use web interface.

Compatible with all major web browsers

The SportSnax interface on the concessions backend is designed to be learned in minutes. The logical flow of information, simple functionality and common-sense approach allows concessions operators to train staff to use SportSnax in minutes. By designing the system to minimize the learning curve, concessions vendors will see maximum efficiency when rolling out mobile concessions ordering with SportSnax.

Customized for you.

Extend your team branding right into the mobile ordering interface. The SportSnax mobile interface will be customized from the pictures and colors right down to your own custom domain name. We want your fans to feel right at home with familiar images and logos.

Support multiple locations.

Whether you have one or one hundred concessions locations, SportSnax can handle it! You can fully customize the way orders are routed to each concessions location based on your preferences.

Data driven decisions.

With SportSnax, you are not only increasing sales and customer satisfaction, you are also capturing crucial data for your concessions operations. SportSnax compiles this information into an easy-to-use format to allow your business to benefit in a large way.


  • Track order volumes and peak times
  • Compare cycle times
  • Analyze product popularity


  • Track sales revenue per order
  • Compare sales by concession locations
  • Analyze sales over time

Ten Reasons to Use Sportsnax

1. No hardware to purchase or install

Assuming your venue has tablets or laptops to use, there are no additional hardware costs or hefty installations required to get SportSnax up and running. The setup required is minimal and can be done in very little time.

2. No contract or commitments

We believe our customers will see the value in SportSnax and continue using us based on the merits of our business model. With this in mind, we do not require venues to sign long-term contracts full of “gotchas” that force you to continue using our product. We want your venue will continue to use us because the system works and it meets customer needs. If for any reason you are not satisfied with us, we will work with you to correct any concerns you have to continue our business relationship. We want the relationship to be long-term from mutual satisfaction, not from legal paperwork.

3. Runs alongside existing systems

You are the concessions expert and no one knows your operations like you do. We don’t want to change that. This is why the SportSnax system is designed to work alongside your current model. We aren't trying to fix what isn’t broken, but rather help you add a new depth to your concessions business and bring it to the 21st century.

4. Complete logistics planning tools

We know in-seat delivery seems highly intimidating, and that's why we've developed several logistics and operations planning tools. You set your labor availability and venue parameters, and we'll use sophisticated simulation and queueing models to predict your capabilities. In addition we'll provide a complete guidebook for how you can easily and methodically implement delivery at your venue.

5. Can deploy in limited sections

We have a deep understanding of how overwhelming new technology is in any industry. This is why we want to work with you to slowly and steadily unroll the SportSnax technology into your venue. You have the option to deploy this feature in limited sections at first and master the order fulfillment and delivery logistics to a level of performance that you are comfortable handling. With SportSnax you have the flexibility to increase the number of sections you serve at a pace that feels natural for you. The last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed. This is a positive change for the industry and should be handled in such a way that makes the growth feel natural. When top athletes train for big events, it’s done in small steps at a time. The end result is a top performing athlete that is ready for whatever demands are thrown at him. The same approach should be taken for new technology. Let’s work together to take this rollout one step at a time to let your operations build up to handle anything that is thrown at it.

6. Cash is always in your hand first

In business, sales revenue numbers are crucial. SportSnax also understands that on top of raw revenue numbers, cash flow is just as–if not more- important. This can be seen in the way we’ve designed our system to benefit the concessions operators. All credit card sales revenue is directly deposited into the merchant account(s) of our concessions operators. We never hold your money – it goes straight to you when the sales are processed.

Our fees, which are a negotiated portion of the delivery surcharge paid by the customer, are billed to you after you have received the payments and the event is over. You will never be required to advance any fees, pay a subscription fee or be out of pocket to use SportSnax. We do not get paid unless orders are processed by SportSnax and you will never have a cashflow crisis from using our system. In short, SportSnax doesn’t make money until your venue makes sales through the SportSnax system.

7. Delivery model pays for itself

One of the primary benefits of using SportSnax is in the delivery labor. This labor is covered by a small delivery surcharge that is added to every order we process. Our market research indicates that nearly all customers that will utilize SportSnax have no problem paying for this convenience and that is an excellent thing for you, the concessions vendor. As we deploy more and more sections in your venue, the required delivery labor is covered by the delivery surcharge – resulting in a more profitable concessions business. As more fans utilize SportSnax, more and more labor can be allocated to delivery and shifted away from standby fulfillment labor at idle concessions locations – resulting in more profit for the concessions vendors.

8. Completely customize your venue

Fans that attend your events are fans of your team and we realize this. In the same way that fans don’t care what merchant card processor you use, who the manufacturer of your stadium seats are or what concrete was poured during the construction of the stadium, fans do not care who is processing their mobile orders. Understanding this fan perspective, we build a customized mobile interface for each venue. Every little detail in the interface is customized for each venue to cater to the fan’s favorite team – from the images and colors right down to the customized domain name.

9. Schedule events in advance

SportSnax allows the concessions operators to schedule when events are happening in their venue. Whether your venue is hosting a playoff series or regularly scheduled events, SportSnax can easily be enabled to run during these scheduled times. If an event is not scheduled SportSnax can be enabled or disabled instantly.

10. Partnership; not just a sale

Doing business with SportSnax will be very different than using our competitors in the sense that we view this as a partnership. By not having your venue tied up in restricting contracts or unfavorable fee structures and coupling that with our revenue model that we don’t make anything unless you do – you can rest assured that our lines of communication are open and your venue’s interests are our top priority. We will never treat you as a checkmark on a sales list and will be in direct contact before, during and after the “sale.”