DawgSnax at Mississippi State Bulldog Basketball Games

Original article published here: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/news/01-09-2014/537/dawg-snax-at-mississippi-state-bulldog-basketball-games/

Grabbing some of the most popular concession items while attending a Mississippi State basketball game will be easier starting Saturday when the Bulldogs host the Ole Miss Rebels thanks to the launch of Dawg Snax at the Humphrey Coliseum in Starkville, Mississippi.

In an interview with Bulldog Sports Radio, Daniel Payne, the co-founder of Dawg Snax, said any fan attending Mississippi State basketball home games will be able to take advantage of this concession delivering service.

"At the coliseum, any seat is fair game," said Payne. "If you've got a ticketed seat and know your section and seat number, you can go on there and place an order."

Payne said the service works with credit or debit cards but not cash at this time due to the logistics.

Using any smart device, those in attendance can head to dawgsnax.com, use the real-time updated menu to decide what they would like, pay for concessions and wait for delivery.

While fans taking advantage of the service will not have access to the full menu, Payne said fans will have access to the most popular items.

"The menu is limited, but it is the most popular items per their sales," said Payne.

Dawg Snax first rolled out during the 2013 baseball season at Dudy-Noble Field in Starkville.